Cavern – in production

Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy, featuring members of Good Women Dance Collective, went to extremes to film dance in a cave.   See a Cavern video here! 

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We still have perks from our fundraiser that we will be happy to honour.
$10 = A squeeze! (A hug in this case, but in caving a squeeze is very narrow opening, usually just big enough for a person to pass through)

$25 – Free music download from Cavern and a squeeze!

$50 – Free video download of scenes from Cavern, free music download, and a squeeze!

$50 – special deal! A truly unique Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy Cookbook, in full colour with recipe contributions from past and present collaborators. And a squeeze!

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 7.14.24 PM

$75 – Cookbook, music and video, and yes, a squeeze!

You can check out our previous fundraiser, including a making-of video and a list of the perks for donating.
Thank you!