April 21, 2018

Jen Mesch and Roger Admiral (piano) join Mile Zero Dance‘s Gerry Morita and Mile Zero neighbour Tony the Venetian Barber for a third version of Night Cuts – a hair inspired collaboration, this time to the Goldberg Variations.

October 5 – November 25, 2017

Soft Red / Hard White is a two month exhibition, a culmination of work during a one year artist residency at Harcourt House

Installation, Films, Graphic Scores, Performances

All gallery performances are free and durational – the audience can come and go as desired

Performance Schedule:
October 5 – opening 7 pm 
Nico Arnáez (electronics), Allison Balcetis (bass saxophone), Sable Chan (voice), Bridget Jessome (dance), Alison Kause (dance), Gerry Morita (dance), Scott Smallwood (electronics), Katrina Smy (dance), Raena Waddell (dance)

October 14  11-12:30 pm
Allison Balcetis (bass saxophone), Alison Kause (dance), Jen Mesch (dance), Sonja Myllymki (dance, Scott Smallwood (electronics), Nate Wooley (trumpet)

October 21  11-12:30 pm
Jen Mesch and cast

November 4  11-12:30 pm
Jen Mesch and cast

November 17   7 pm – performances during Harcourt event
Jen Mesch and cast

November 24  7 pm – exhibition closing party
Sable Chan (voice), Bridget Jessome (dance), Alison Kause (dance), Jen Mesch (dance)











LitFest – October 17, 2017 – Old Royal Alberta Museum – 7pm

Britt Wray is the author of a new book called Rise of the Necrofauna – A Provocative Look at the Science, Ethics, and Risks of De-Extinction, with a foreword by George Church, the guy who is trying to bring back mammoths. Mesch will be contributing to this topic by dancing the dance of mass extinction.

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Teach Yourself to Fly

8 pm

Convocation Hall, University of Alberta

Performed by Contempo, XIME, and Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy

Dancers: Ainsley Hillyard, Alison Kause, Jen Mesch, Krista Posyniak, Kate Stashko

Improv structures by Oliveros, Wolff, and Duck

Admission by donation

LitFest is Canada’s only nonfiction literary festival. For the past ten years, performance venues, and concert halls across Edmonton have opened their doors each October to welcome and showcase the top voices in literary nonfiction from YEG and abroad. The 11-day festival connects nonfiction fans with the authors and writers that are guiding conversations that matter to Canadians, from climate change to politics, social issues, and ever-changing trends in cuisine.

Mesch responds to Alice Major’s poem, The Office Romeo’s Tale.



See a video here

Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy Takes Over the Science Building – Again!


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Our third and final take over of the CCIS building on the campus of the University of Alberta.


Allison Balcetis (saxophone)
Dario Charles (dance)
Ian Crutchley (various instruments)
Julie Ferguson (dance)
Ben Freeland (poetry)
Ben Gorodetsky (dance)
Ainsley Hillyard (dance)
Alison Kause (dance)
Phil Kloc (dance)
Richard Lee (dance)
Anastasia Maywood (dance)
Jen Mesch (dance)
Gerry Morita (dance)
Alida Nyquist-Schultz (dance)
Krista Posyniak (dance)
Mark Segger (percussion)
Scott Smallwood (electronics)
Kate Stashko (dance)
Jeannie Vandekerkhove (dance)
Jodie Vandekerkhove (dance)
Raena Waddell (dance)
Russell Whitehead (trumpet, percussion)